These are authentic, vintage Amercian mason jars.  Each jar has a unique history, that may be discovered by researching the features (branding, style, stamps, color, etc.)  All hinged lid jars have removable glass lids. Absolutely gorgeous!!
Candles will come with a fragrance hang tag as well as care instructions.
Each candle has different ounces, burn time, fragrance and price.  
These candles, just as all other candles, will require wick trimmimg for optimal burn.  Due to the unique shape of some of the jars, this will also prevent smoking.  Wick trimmers are now available on the website- please consider purchasing one if you are welcoming a vintage jar candle into your home, or gifting one to a loved one.  
Burn time on these candles will vary based on candle care.  Typically soy will burn about 5-7 hours per once.  Candles should never be lit more than 4 hours at at time.  
Fragrance descriptions:
Lemon + Rosemary: Bright lemon and fresh, rosemary.  Natural and refreshing
Balsam + Cedar: A woody blend of pine, eucalyptus and citrus.  
Frosted Cranberry: Rich winter cranberry and currants soften with winter frost.
Christmas in Connecticut: Rich pine, cinnamon and a hint of New England apple
Blue Hydrangea: Sun kissed hydrangeas and fresh ocean breezes
Orange + Grapefruit: Rich, bright citrus and tangy grapefruit.  Similar to a "Volcano" fragrance blend
Cozy Cabin: winter pine + rich cinnamon
Home for the Holidays: Pine, cinnamon and citrus.  A holiday favorite!
*Cinnamon Strudel: (this candle features wording that doesn't show well in photos "Grandma Weaton's Old Fashioned Canning Jar")- warm bakery notes of vanilla, butter, cinnamon + sugar
*Banana Nut Bread: (this candle features wording that doesn't show well in photos "Grandma Weaton's Old Fashioned Canning Jar")- mouth watering aroma of banana bread straight from the oven!
Blue Spruce: Bright citrus, cedarwood and pine.
Black Plum + Amber: evergreen, spice and a hint of fruit.  Very "green' and fresh.  A sophisticated fragrance anyone would love.
Cypress + Bayberry: Eucalyptus, cypress, bayberry and pine.  A beautiful Christmas fragrance that will last long into the winter months.

Vintage Jar Candles