These beautiful candles are poured in Spanish oak, hand carved dough bowls.  Multiple wicks will provide maximum fragrance throw.  
When candles exhausted- bowl may be repurposed, or you may purchase a refill. (Simply return your dough bowl in its original bag.  No need to clean!  *Option coming soon*)

Dimensions: (each bowl is handmade and will vary slightly in size)
Width: 11”
Length: 6”
Height: 3.5”

Important Care Instructions:

We treat our dough bowls with fire retardant. However- NO candle should ever be left unattended.

Your initial burn should be about 4 hours, or until the wax pool reaches the edges of the bowl.

Do not burn any candle longer than 4 hours!

ALWAYS trim your wick to 1/4” before lighting.
**THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT**.  Trimming your wicks not only extends the life and burn quality of your candle- it is an important safety measure.

Burn your candle on a flat, fire resistant surface away from flammable objects, drafts, and out of reach of children and pets. 

Extinguish candle when there is 1/4” of wax left.

Dough Bowl Candles