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Available Fragrances 


Bartlett Pear: lush ripe pear- very strong and pleasing fragrance.

Beach Day: the scent of a beach towel after a day at the shore- notes of clean linen, suntan lotion and tropical fruit make this a summertime favorite!

Black Raspberry Vanilla: sweet, dark berries with velvety vanilla with hints of cherry and strawberry

Blue Hydrangea: sun-kissed hydrangeas and ocean breezes.

Bonfire Flannel: The fragrance of a warm shirt after a night gathered around the bonfire. Vanilla, cinnamon and clove with a smoky base and hints of cashmere.

Butterscotch & Bourbon: Rich, creamy butterscotch, aged notes of bourbon whiskey and fragrant,

sweet vanilla 

Coconut Lime: Rich coconut and tart lime blended with notes of orange and lemon

Citrus + Mint: Mint leaves and chamomile combine with agave nectar and tomato leaf in the base. bright and juicy with an herbal balance.

Cinnamon Buns: butter, cinnamon, nutmeg and maple sugar

Cotton + Iris: Airy ozone notes open up to a floral heart of lily of the valley, iris, and cotton blossom. 

Day at the Spa: A favorite- lemongrass and sugarcane with subtle hints 

Lavender Mint: True herbal lavender and soothing peppermint leaf

Lemon + Cream: Delicious fresh lemon mellowed out with creamy vanilla

Lemon + Mint: Bright Meyer lemons and peppermint

Lighthouse: Lemon and orange top notes blended with se salt, jasmine and a base of cedar

Nutmeg State:  A tribute to the great state of Connecticut- featuring cinnamon, clove and nutmeg, rounded out with a smooth caramel and vanilla base.

Orange Blossom: Bergamot, neroli, jasmine and a subtle base of sandalwood make this an upscale and very true to life fragrance of California blossoms.

Orange + Grapefruit: Grapefruit, orange peel, lemon and mandarin

Orange + Chili Pepper: spicy chili peppers blend with a citrus heart of orange and mandarin. Hints of coconut and black pepper

Pink Peonies: a clean and graceful fragrance- magnolia, peony, and freesia flowers.  

Raspberry Sangria: apple, orange, pineapple, and raspberry with a splash of chardonnay.

Sea Salt + Orchid: jasmine + lily of the valley blended with crisp, clean aquatic notes.

Summers at the Cape: Light citrus with aquatic notes of sea salt, jasmine and orange blossom.  Light and lovely like a day at the Cape

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