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Available Fragrances ~ Fall 2022


Apple Picking: A true macintosh apple fragrance!  Fresh and clean 

Apple Pie: Hot apples, cinnnamon and flaky crust  

Apple Maple Bourbon: Apples, oak barrels, rich maple and bourbon

Banana Bread: sweet and ripe bananas, hints of cinnamon, walnuts and a fresh out of the oven warmth

Bonfire Flannel: The fragrance of a warm shirt after a night gathered around the bonfire. Vanilla, cinnamon and clove with a smoky base and hints of cashmere.

Butterscotch & Bourbon: Rich, creamy butterscotch, aged notes of bourbon whiskey and fragrant, sweet vanilla 

Cranberry Orange: Tart cranberries and bright, zesty citrus 

Cinnamon Strudel:  Rich cinnamon, butter and warm vanilla cake.  

Home Sweet Home: Cinnamon and English tea

Nutmeg State:  A tribute to the great state of Connecticut- featuring cinnamon, clove and nutmeg, rounded out with a smooth caramel and vanilla base.

Pumpkin Spice: Warm pumpkin, hints of vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg

White Birch + Vanilla: Birch, Pine and subtle vanilla base create a perfect balance for this all year favorite

(More to be added 11/30)
Balsam + Cedar: pine, eucalyptus + cedarwood
Christmas Tree: Fraser fir, balsam and hints of birch
Christmas in Connecticut: cinnamon, bayberry and balsam
Cinnamon Strudel: cinnamon, clove, vanilla and butter
Cranberry: Rich cranberry, black currant, grapefruit and vanilla
Hot Cocoa: chocolate, vanilla and marshmallow
Home for the Holidays: pine, orange cinnamon and hints of cranberry and clove
Nutmeg State: cinnamon clove, nutmeg and vanilla
North Pole: Peppermint and vanilla
Peppermint Bark: Peppermint and chocolate
Sugar Cookie: vanilla and buttercream
Sleigh Ride: Vanilla, clove cinnamon and apple
Winter Thyme: Cinnamon, berry, pine and thyme

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