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Available Fragrances 


Butterscotch & Bourbon: Rich butterscotch, aged bourbon and tonka- with hints of caramel

White Birch & Vanilla: Pine, birch and cedarwood rounded off with a smooth vanilla base

Orange & Grapefruit: Bright juicy orange peel, grapefruit and hints of cedar

Nutmeg State: A warm blend of nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla; featuring an image of CT state on the label.




Lily of the Valley: A natural, fresh sweetly scented light floral

Pink Peonies: Cherry blossoms and bright blooming peonies.  Graceful with hints of sweetness

Orange Blossom: Jasmine and Neroli, hints of bergamot and eucalyptus. Very springlike and fresh

Blue Hydrangea: Smells like sunshine and beach walks

Summer Cottage: Lilac, lavender, rose and jasmine rounded out with summer greens.  



Day at the Spa: Sugarcane & lemongrass

Stress Relief: Eucalyptus and spearmint

White Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus and hints of juniper, lemon and aquatic greens

Aloe & White Lilac: Lilac, lilies and a sweet vanilla base.  Smells like salon shampoo!

Green Tea & Lemongrass: Herbal green tea with bright lemongrass, jasmine and very light note of musk



Summers at the Cape: An airy aquatic fragrance with notes of lilac, orange and salty summer air

Mermazing: Sea salt, summer florals and notes of apple. peaches and grapefruit

Lighthouse: A base of woodsy cedar and musk brightened by notes of lemon, orange and ozone

Coconut & Mango: Pineapple, peach, coconut and mango blend in this tropical fave

Sea Salt: Amber, orange and light musk.  Aquatic and refreshing


Fresh Cut Grass: The true fragrance of a fresh cut lawn!  Bright and green with citrus notes

Tomato Leaf: True garden tomato with subtle notes of sweet rose

Rosemary & Sage: Eucalyptus, pine and green florals blend with cedar and green florals.  So natural and clean!



Citrus & Mint: Bright orange, grapefruit and fresh garden mint

Raspberry Sangria: Red wine, apple, orange pineapple and raspberry

Blueberry Muffin: This smells exactly like a freshly baked blueberry muffin.  No other description needed!

Black Raspberry Vanilla: Rich black raspberry, raspberries and subtle hints of green with a vanilla base

Watermelon: A juicy, fruity summer watermelon.  Strong and true!


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